Armach Supporting Greensea with New 2-Year US Navy STTR Contract

July 28th, 2022

Armach is pleased to support Greensea Systems, Inc. as a subcontractor to Greensea’s multi-year ONR award. Greensea Systems Inc. has been awarded a contract for a 2-year Phase II option period by the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research to continue the technology development for an autonomous hull cleaning vehicle.

Armach is playing a pivotal role in the contract, by providing the robots and robot operators to conduct field operations throughout the period of performance. Together, Armach and Greensea will further advance their collective technologies, developing an unprecedented level of autonomy for ship husbandry robotics.

The US Navy has been investigating this technology as a means to keep ships clear of biofouling in an environmentally sustainable way, ensuring fleet readiness and ultimately reducing hull related maintenance costs. Armach is honored to have the opportunity to support such a like-minded, forward-thinking customer.