Armach Robotics Identified as “Solution to Watch”

September 26, 2022

Armach Robotics (Armach) has been shortlisted to compete in the Ocean Opportunity Lab and World Ocean Council’s (WOC) The Biofouling Innovation Challenge. This is the first competition of its kind, born from an initiative to encourage the industry to embrace creative and innovative solutions around the effects and costs of biofouling within the ocean, maritime and renewable industry, and to restore biodiversity.

We’re excited to present our high tech solution at Pitch Fest in Barcelona next month, as part of the WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit. Armach has introduced the world’s first autonomous system capable of proactive in-water cleaning and inspection, independent of coating type, in support of the worldwide goal of decarbonizing in shipping.

Learn more about Armach and The Biofouling Innovation Challenge at Ocean Robotics Planet and use the Contact (Armach) link on Armach’s website to get ahead of 2023’s Carbon Intensity Index (CII) regulations.